A Lobo farewell event


By Lisa Morton

Located just 18 miles south of Van Horn off US Highway 90, the ghost town of Lobo may soon have new owners. For over 20 years, three Germans, Alexander Bardorff and his partners Claus and Annette, have organized various art, short film, and music events in Lobo during Memorial Day weekend at no cost. However, due to their age (in their 60s), they have decided to pass their vision of Lobo, Texas to someone else who will cherish and take care of the town near the Rio Grande as they have done.

Bardorff told the Advocate, “We do not want to sell Lobo to someone for the water rights, as grazing land or to someone who wants to flip it because the Van Horn region is currently experiencing a boom, mostly due to Blue Origin and Marfa being close by. Instead, we would like to sell Lobo to someone with an interesting idea or vision and the energy and stamina to carry through”.

The Germans plan one last Memorial Day weekend event and everyone is invited to come to Lobo May 26th through the 29th to get-to-know Lobo, Texas and for a farewell visit. Musicians and DJs from Austin and Odessa, Texas, from Tucson, Arizona, and Silver City, New Mexico will converge on the tiny town and bring it alive once more with special performances. Visitors can camp in Lobo free of charge including use of the shower/bathroom house.

Visit property.lobo-texas.com to view current conditions at Lobo, Texas and come on out and take a good look for yourself and enjoy a nice visit.


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