Faith— 05/25/2023


By Father Frank Hernandez

“Trust in the LORD and do good…” words from Psalm 37 that asked the people of Israel to have faith and believe in God, the creator and supreme being of the universe. This Psalm also call us to have that same trust in the Lord and have complete faith in Him. That means that we trust and believe that God our Father is the author of our lives and we need to follow His guidance in our lives, even if we do not want to follow Him. Having faith in the Lord means that we believe in something that is invisible and He guides us in our daily lives.

Jesus call us to that same faith and trust as well when He says, “You have faith in God; have faith also in me (John 14:1).” How can we trust more in the person of Jesus and how can he help us in our daily lives? We believe in our faith that Jesus and God our Father are one person and Jesus shows us to the way of the Father and we need to trust in Him. How can our daily lives reflect that trust and faith?

To trust in someone means that we place our faith and lives in another. That nothing wrong will happen to us because of the relationship that we for with that person. Over time, trust is built and grows. How can we do the same in our faith and with the Lord? God and Jesus call us to trust in them every day of our lives. Too have faith and too know that they are guiding us every moment we live our lives. But to trust in something we cannot see and understand is hard and difficult to do. This human life is hard, there are many struggles and life is complicated, but those are the moments we need to trust more in the Lord and Jesus; too have faith and believe they will lead us to the good of our lives. Being a Christian disciple with the Lord is not easy, but we need to trust and have faith in the relationship by a life of prayer and living His example in our daily lives. Knowing that whatever struggle I face, the Lord is going to help me because I trust in Him. Even if it is not the outcome that I want or ask. God will give us the good we need every day, but we need that relationship with Him. We need a relationship of trust with God.

Our graduating Seniors from High School and University are entering into a new relationship of trust in their lives. Finishing one chapter of their life and entering another. They need to trust in themselves, but also in the Lord to guide and help them on this new journey that they are taking. May this new adventure lead you to a deeper relationship with the Lord and a deeper trust in Him. God bless.


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