City council approves repairs for elevated water tank, gives go-ahead for city promotion

City Council on Tuesday approved a quote for $8,500 from Texas Tank Services from Tyler, Texas for repairing the elevated water tank at the city utility building. The repair includes welding and painting the interior and exterior of the tank and will allow the tank to be placed back into service.

Council then voted to not renew a grazing lease with Fermin Baeza and instead opted to keep the land as a barrier to prevent illegal dumping at the city rolloff collection facility.
Council also decided to advertise for bids for cardboard baling services and city-owned park maintenance.  
In other action, council gave its approval to advertise in the “Alpine, Heart of the Big Bend” Chamber of Commerce publication, which will promote tourism in Van Horn, and is distributed in seven major travel centers managed by TxDOT.


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