School, city elections yield mixed results

Town of Van Horn and CCAISD held elections last Saturday, producing a mixed bag of results. 

Two new aldermen were elected, Lyndon McDonald and Ryan Martinez, who will replace Pam Young and Marcial Gonzales. Nuny Morriss won re-election.

In the bid for CCAISD trustees, Rocio Oñate won re-election and Jack Dorris collected more votes than Lisa Cottrell. This was a particularly bitter race for school board, probably in light of the fact that this group of trustees will select the new superintendent.

Trustees will begin their interviews for superintendent on May 18 and 19, and canvassing of the votes is expected to take place on May 18 or 19. Lead Your School from The Woodlands is heading the recruiting effort for CCAISD superintendent.  Bob Brezina of Lead Your School is the district’s consultant for recruiting 
Election results are as follows:

Jack Dorris 140    W
Lisa Cottrell 118
Rocio Oñate 142  W
Marcial Gonzalez 176
Pam Young 181
Lyndon McDonald 203  W
Nuny Morriss 197          W
Michael Garibay 172
Ryan Martinez  189       W