Aldermen Morriss, McDonald, and Martinez sworn-in to office

Mayor Pro Temp Pam Young, (far right), administers the “Oath of Office”  to re-elected Aldermen, Lyndon McDonald, Ryan Martinez, and Nuny Morriss.

Photo by Edna Clark

By Edna Clark

The Town of Van Horn City Council met on Monday, May 29, with all members present with Mayor Pro Temp Pam Young presiding.  Aldermen Lyndon McDonald, Nuny Morriss, and Ryan Martinez were sworn in for another term of service to the Town of Van Horn by Mayor Pro Temp Young.  Designated duties for each alderman remain unchanged.

Council approved payment of the City’s monthly bills.

Resolution NO. 17-05-007 was passed denying a new proposed rate increase from El Paso Electric Company which would have become effective March 20, 2017.  In preparation of the City landfill, Council approved the purchase price and specifications submitted by Culley Lipsey and family for land immediately adjacent to the landfill.  This piece of land serves as a buffer zone between the landfill and private property next to it.  Council approved the restriction of debris allowed in the landfill to only Type I Debris. This means that garbage, brush and other similar type debris will be allowed, giving an extended 25 life years to the landfill.  No commercial debris, (such as demolished buildings), will be allowed locally and must still be transported to the Sierra Blanca or Clint landfill.  Additionally, Council approved the creation of a trench and retaining pond on the northern border of the landfill. This will take place instead of further land purchases to form more buffer zones.

         Council approved a letter to El Paso Electric from Mayor Pro Temp Young requesting a new generator that has the capability to power the Convention Center in case of emergency.  The generator that is in place at this time does not have enough power to provide constant electrical service.

Per recommendation of the El Paso Rio Grande Council of Governments, Council approved a 911 address change for property located on Highway 90 and owned by Mr. Jason Brown.  Addresses are initially assigned by the Town of Van Horn. When new residences were built in the area, new addresses were not assigned in numerical order. Without the address change, 911 response could be delayed due to the current irregular address numbering.

Subsequent to a highly successful dog and cat spaying/neutering clinic on May 22, Council approved a $20.00 credit for the animals’ owners.  This credit will be applied to the current utility bills instead of multiple check being issued for payment.  24 cats and dogs were spayed/neutered while more than 20 horses were also treated.

The next regular City Council meeting is scheduled for June 13.  Citizens of Van Horn are encouraged to come out and see the City Council at work.