Coach Tyrell wants Eagles to excel in life

Coach Tyrell on the practice field with the High School Football Team.


Q & A by Adrian Norman, CCAISD

How are you enjoying your new role as AD/Head Coach?  What is the biggest challenge?

I am having a blast. I wake up with great excitement every day in anticipation of coming to see all the students and working to do what I can for the staff.

Tyrell jokingly remarks that the biggest challenge so far has been Elementary PE.  I love getting to come in and work with these little Eagles on a daily basis.  It is a time in the day that causes me to reflect on my job and the importance of doing my part to help our future generations of Eagles excel in all they do in life.

There are a lot of new faces on the football team this season, how is the team chemistry?

The team chemistry is great.  They have really bought in to working hard together for a common goal. They know that they work, sweat, and persevere together so that they will win together.

How has the team been preparing coming of a bye week?

We have intensified our focus of excelling in the small things. Understanding that in a game of inches, all of those small things, good or bad, add up to huge things.

What can we expect to see Friday night against Anthony?

You will see a fresh, hard-working, intense  team that is hungry for another victory.

What is your message for the fans?

We the Van Horn Eagles and Coaching Staff would like to thank you for your continued support of all of our athletic programs. A fan base such as ours makes it a joy to come out and play for. Thank you for all you do. Eagle pride never dies!


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