Annual town clean-up campaign winners recognized

The Van Horn City Council recognized the winners of the annual clean-up campaign which netted two, 30-yard roll-off containers of trash and other debris in only half a day. Mayor Pam Young presented the prizes to winners in several categories for most waste collected, with prizes including bicycles, tablets, and cash. The winners included the following:

Prizes for Groups-Bulk Waste:

  • 1st- $250 (Tied)
    • Culberson County Sheriff’s Office and Crew (2 loads from area behind Chevron, near Golf Course Drive).
    • Culberson County 4-H (2 loads from Veteran’s Park).

No entries for 3rd and 4th Place.

Prizes for Groups-Bagged litter:

  • 1st-$300
    • Culberson County Sheriff’s Office and Crew, $300.00 (49 bags, from area behind Chevron, near Golf Course Drive).
  • 2nd-$200
    • Van Horn Xtreme Starz Cheerleaders, $200.00 (46 bags, from area behind Pilot).

No entries for 3rd and 4th Place.

Prizes for Individuals-Bulk Waste:

  • 1st- Tablet & bicycle
    • Virginia Garrobo (6 loads from Mesquite St., Houston, Crockett, Rivas, Bell St., E. 6th St. & Laurel St. alleys).
  • 2nd- Tablet
    • Fermin “Nin” Baeza (3 loads from Clark Heights, E. 1st St., and Veterans Park).

No entries for 3rd and 4th Place.

Prizes for Individuals-Bagged litter:

  • 1st- Tablet & bicycle
    • Marie Ramirez (10 bags from East and West 1st Street).
  • 2nd- Tablet
    • Jayden Corrales (9 bags from area behind Pilot).

No entries for 3rd and 4th Place.

Two, 50-inch TVs were also raffled among the participants, with Marie Ramirez and Jayden Corrales the lucky winners.

The City’s Water, Street, Gas, Sanitation, Code Enforcement, Library, and City Hall departments, were recognized for not only picking up litter and bulk waste but cooked lunch for clean-up participants.

The Council heard from Jaime Hudson on the status of the water tanks, which seem to be holding up with no leaks, after another treatment. Hudson also reported that a flow test on the hydrants at the school was passed with flying colors. He also advised Council that Sierra Blanca is approaching the limits of how much water can be pumped to the town because of increased demand by the Detention Center, with a current population of 1300 detainees. Hudson also told Council that he had heard from several citizens who were asking about an occasional white color to tap water, but after investigating, it was found to be nothing more than air in the lines causing bubbles which dissipated in a few seconds.

Fran Malafronte advised the Council that the Women’s Service League requested that the electricity supply to the EDC parking lot across from El Capitan, be upgraded to be able to provide power to vendors during the upcoming Frontier Days celebration. According to Malafronte, Marcial Gonzalez has agreed to work on the problem if the city would pay for the supplies.

Jaime Hudson then asked Council to accept the 2017 Consumer Confidence Report so that it can be distributed to residents as mandated by TCEQ, after a public hearing on June 26, 2018. Council also approved a request from Gas Department manager, Edward Torres, for permission to apply for a U.S. Department of Transportation grant for equipment for the gas company, primarily an instrument which enables the gas company to find gas lines. The grant would be funded at 100% without a match from the city.

Malafronte reported that after meeting with the Council of Governments today, she was advised that the three generators that would power city water wells in the event of power outages would probably be funded by a CDBG Block Grant. However, according to Malafronte, the city may not qualify for the 2018-2019 grant cycle since Van Horn has received funding for grants for the last two years.

Council members were also updated on the status of the City Pool which should be open by late June after significant repairs, giving locals some relief from the heat.


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