2019 Culberson County Livestock Show results

Agri-Life Extension Agent Amber Carroll announced that Kristian Robb received the state level Gold Star Award. The Gold Star Award is the highest achievement award given by the 4-H & Youth Development Program through the county. The Texas 4-H Gold Star Award can only be awarded once in a member’s 4-H career. A 4-H member receiving the award must have completed projects in at least three different project areas and have participated in one or more leadership activities such as Leadership Lab, Texas 4-H Congress, Competitive Events, Camps, and 4-H promotions. The member must have also exhibited leadership skills as a club officer or junior leader. Senior Kristian Robb is on the District 6 council as well is currently serving on the state 4-H council.

Sale Total: $42,050.00


Grand Champion Steer: Kristian Robb

Grand Champion Swine: Stetson Owen

Grand Champion Market Goat: Kloe Robb

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Kristian Robb

Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit: Michael Dickenson

Grand Champion Fryer Rabbit: Delilah Tarango

Grand Champion Market Rabbit: Delilah Tarango

Grand Champion Poultry: Stetson Owen

Grand Champion Consumer Science: Fermin Baeza


Junior Rabbit: Kloe Robb

Senior Rabbit: Myra Ramirez

Junior Poultry: Michael Dickenson

Senior Poultry: Stetson Owen

Junior Goat: Kloe Robb

Senior Goat: Kristian Robb

Junior Lamb: Makinzie Choate

Senior Lamb: Kristian Robb

Junior Swine: Kloe Robb

Senior Swine: Stetson Owen

Senior Steer: Kristian Robb

Rookie of the Year: Alejandra Cancino

All Around Showman: Stetson Owen

Herdsman: Stetson Owen

Livestock King: Kristian Robb

Livestock Queen: Kloe Robb


Consumer Science:

Home Décor: Grand Champion/1st – Fermin Baeza, 2nd – Stetson Owen

Dessert: 1st – Sebastian Ellsworth

Salsa: Reserve Grand Champion/1st – Joel Cancino

Jerky: 1st – Alejandra Cancino

Fryer Rabbit:

Class 1:1st – Kloe Robb, 2nd – Michael Dickenson, 3rd – Myra Ramirez, 4th – Manuel Gonzalez, 5th – Arturo Gonzalez, 6th – Manuel Gonzalez, 7th – Arturo Gonzalez

Class 2: 1st – Steven Marta, 2nd – Zerian Tarango, 3rd – Myra Ramirez

Class 3: 1st – Zerian Tarango, 2nd – Kloe Robb, 3rd – Kloe Robb, 4th – Abram Castillo, 5th – Steven Marta, 6th – Michael Dickenson

Class 4: 1st – Delilah Tarango, 2nd – Steven Marta, 3rd – Joel Cancino, 4th – Keane Robb, 5th – Joel Cancino, 6th – Alejandra Cancino

Class 5: 1st – Myra Ramirez, 2nd – Arturo Gonzalez, 3rd – Alejandra Cancino, 4th – Myra Ramirez, 5th – Delilah Tarango

Breeding Rabbit:

Lion Head: 1st – Steven Marta, 2nd – Steven Marta

Rex: 1st – Kloe Robb

Satin: 1st – Kloe Robb

Californian: 1st- Michael Dickenson, 2nd – Steven Marta, 3rd – Michael Dickenson

Market Rabbit: 1st – Delilah Tarango, 2nd – Myra Ramirez

Broilers: 1st – Stetson Owen, 2nd – Delilah Tarango, 3rd – Stetson Owen, 4th – Stetson Owen, 5th – Stetson Owen, 6th – Stetson Owen, 7th – Michael Dickenson, 8th – Stetson Owen, 9th – Delilah Tarango

Turkey: 1st – Michael Dickenson, 2nd – Steven Marta, 3rd – Steven Marta

Market Goat:

Medium Weight: 1st – Emilio Tarango, 2nd – Zerian Tarango, 3rd – Fermin Baeza

Heavy Weight: 1st – Kloe Robb, 2nd – Kloe Robb, 3rd – Emilio Tarango, 4th – Kristian Robb

Market Lamb:

Medium Weight: 1st – Kristian Robb, 2nd – Emilio Tarango

Medium Heavy Weight: 1st – Emilio Tarango

Heavy Weight: 1st – Kristian Robb, 2nd – Makinzie Choate


Light Duroc: 1st – Kloe Robb

Heavy Duroc: 1st – Stetson Owen

Medilum Hampshire: 1st – Alejandra Cancino, 2nd – Kloe Robb, 3rd Kloe Robb

Heavy Hampshire: 1st – Tanya Tarango

Light Weight Cross: 1st – Stetson Owen, 2nd – Kloe Robb, 3rd – Kloe Robb

Heavy Weight Cross: 1st – Tanya Tarango


Exotic: 1st – Kristian Robb, 2nd – Stetson Owen


Dedication: Howard Shelley, Gearge E. Snyder

Appreciation: Richard Koehn & Lannie Koch

Remembrance: Charles Engle


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