Audit approved; VHEDC to be refunded

The regular meeting of the Van Horn City Council last Thursday, made for another long night for those conducting the city’s business. Mayor Pam Young and Council agreed to return to their previous practice of holding two monthly meetings to avoid having one, excessively long meeting per month. Regular meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

Edward Torres, Departmental Operations Director, updated the Council on the ongoing landfill project, water and sewer line infrastructure work, generators for wells, and natural gas line updates. Torres also advised the Council that a parking hazard exists at Pilot caused by semi-tractors ignoring the stop sign at the intersection of Highway 90 and Fire Bush. Torres said he would be re-striping a section of the road to make it more visible to drivers.

Golf Course Manager Raul Rodriguez updated Council on the Annual tournament and requested that golfers be able to buy items with the golf course logo during the tournament. Rodriguez also requested “No Smoking” signs for the clubhouse and a DJ to provide music at the participants’ annual dinner. Rodriguez thanked the Sheriff for sending inmates to the course to spruce up the clubhouse and course prior to the tournament.

The 2018-2019 annual Financial Audit was presented by Rick Knapp, CPA of Knapp & Company, PC. Knapp reported that the City’s audit was a clean audit with no findings and commended Fran Malafronte and Jodi Corrales for doing a good job, stating that “these two ladies know what they are doing.”

Council continued discussions regarding Employer Contribution to medical benefits for employees’ spouses, children, and pre-65 retirees. The item was tabled until the Council could meet with a Texas Municipal Representative in January to determine if this could be a viable option.

EDC President, Becky Brewster presented information to the council regarding the transfer of funds paid to the City from the EDC for a new building at the city pool. The Mayor and City Secretary will attend a Texas Economic Development Sales Workshop to keep updated and comply with this requirement of attending the workshop. After returning from Executive Session, the Council unanimously approved a refund of $113,000.00 to the EDC and created a committee consisting of Karolyne Carloss and Lyndon McDonald to help move the City forward on the pool project.

Other business conducted both before and after executive session were:

Minutes of previous meetings presented were approved.

Financial Report was approved as presented.

Approved $2,000 donation to the Van Horn Lions Club Back to School Bash event.

Approved bid from Luis Garcia in the amount of $2,100.00 for golf tournament meal.

Approved new lease for metered mail postage meter for $153 quarterly.

Directed City Secretary Fran Malafronte to schedule team building workshops for the council members and department heads.


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