Covid-19 safety still at center stage

By Gilda Morales

City Council met in regular session last Tuesday and immediately listened to a presentation by Alex Ortega with AA Chemical Supply on several sanitizing products for the Council to consider in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. The system is already in use by CCAISD and is being considered by the County as well. Mr. Ortega demonstrated two models, a backpack model with an attached battery, and a mobile model on wheels for larger areas. After the demonstration, Council voted unanimously to purchase 4 sanitizers, extra batteries, and several cases of sanitizer concentrate, for delivery early next week.

Councilman Garibay advised council that he had noticed that due to multiple injuries and illness among several employees, Rafael Rodriguez had been working almost non-stop, overtime and on his days off, to keep the golf course open. Garibay recommended that Rodriguez be considered for overtime pay, as well as hiring two part-time employees, one assigned to the golf course, and another to float wherever needed. Jodi Corrales, Director of Finance advised Council that there was about $35,000 left in the budget toward salaries, which would be enough for two part-time employees until November, when things slow down at the golf course.

Local golfer, Duane Corrales addressed council on behalf of several interested golfers who have volunteered to run the annual golf tournament which usually takes place in mid-August. The tournament, which had already been budgeted, had not been addressed because of Covid, problems irrigating the course and the loss of the golf course manager. Corrales assured Council that if permitted, the tournament would be run by a committee who would keep the participants to 40 local teams. Councilman Carloss, saying that she wanted to address “the elephant in the room,” asked Corrales about how the tournament could be held safely given the current pandemic guidelines. Corrales said that by renting more carts, sanitizing and cancelling the traditional dinner and dance, and awards ceremony, the tournament would be in compliance with CDC regulations. After some discussion, the tournament was scheduled September 5 and 6 and Council agreed to scheduling the relining of the ponds until after the tournament.

Councilman Carloss then asked Council to approve a request for a change order for relocation of the electrical box at the pool to a location outside the building for safety reasons. There was also a change order from AMG, the pool contractor, for a new ventilated swing door upgrade on the equipment room at a cost of $3500, which is supposed to be picked up by the pool contractor. There was considerable discussion between Councilman McDonald and Finance Director Corrales, who clarified to McDonald on the correct use of different fund balances. Council then voted unanimously to approve the expenditures after which Councilman Carloss also advised Council that the pool project should be completed within a week.

In other action, Council voted to:

Request an additional drain and installation of lifeguard chairs

Approve going forward with using Pecos County State Bank for financing of the wastewater pond relining instead of Government Capital


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