Postponed municipal elections decided

The postponed May 2 elections, was held in conjunction with the general election this year. Locals voted in the Town of Van Horn election for Mayor, Council, and Proposition A, including the Culberson Hospital District for Board of Directors election.

Voters elect a new mayor and councilmen

In the race for mayor, voters overwhelmingly elected Becky Brewster as Van Horn’s next mayor. Brewster garnered 432 votes compared to Abel Fierro who received 253 votes.

Voters opted to return former councilman Nuny Morriss and incumbent Michael Garibay to the city council. Morriss received 329 votes and Garibay received 241 votes.

Sale of gas company gets approval

Proposition A was given approval by voters. The Town of Van Horn asked voters to consider the sale of its municipal gas system. With approval, the town is looking at selling the system to West Texas Gas. The proposition carried 470 votes in favor and 184 votes against it.

Two new board members on Hospital Board

In the race for Culberson County Hospital District Board of Directors, voters elected two new candidates. Voters gave the majority of the votes cast in the race to Angie Perez. Perez received some 414 votes. Lindsey Tyrrell garnered 309 votes.


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