Guadalupe Mountains implements fire restrictions

Salt Flat, Texas – Guadalupe Mountains National Park is experiencing extreme fire danger risk due to prolonged extreme drought conditions and sustained elevated winds. The park and the surrounding areas of west Texas will be issuing fire restrictions that will take effect  on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.  

The fire restrictions are as follows: 

• In any location open fires are always prohibited throughout Guadalupe Mountains  National Park.  

• Pressurized camp gas stoves are only permitted at Pine Springs and Dog Canyon  Campgrounds and the Frijole Picnic Area. Pressurized gas stoves are also permitted at  park residences.  

• Camp stoves may be used only near the center of designated camp pads that are cleared  of combustible material (leaves, twigs, personal items, etc.) and at least 2 feet away from  the stove. 

• Stoves may be used only where there is no overhanging vegetation. 

• Stoves must be attended to for the entire duration they are in use. 

• Smoking is only permitted inside enclosed vehicles.  

• In any location fireworks are always prohibited in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  • Visitors may be held personally liable for resource or property damage and fire  suppression as a result from the use of an ignition source. 

• Additional Texas areas and Culberson County have recently adopted a burn ban on  county lands.  

This prohibition is based on 16 United States Code, Section 3 and 36 Code of Federal  Regulations subsections 1.5 Closures and public use limits. (a)(1).; 2.13 Fires. (a)(5)(c); 2.21  Smoking. (a); and 2.38 Explosives. (b)(c). 

These restrictions shall remain in effect until such time as fire danger in the park becomes less  severe. We are seeking the cooperation of our visitors to assist in decreasing the potential for a  catastrophic fire within Guadalupe Mountains National Park.


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