County offices to resume normal hours

By Becky Brewster

Culberson County Commissioners met in regular session on February 8, 2021. The Court referred to Sections 4.06 and 4.07 of the County’s Personnel Policies regarding work hours and overtime, acknowledging that the County offices shall resume normal operating hours of 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday for most offices and regular hours for the County Barn employees which are adjusted seasonally. It was noted that the Sheriff’s Office and Nutrition Center have hours established to meet the needs of their services to the community.

Zach Schaefer, County Extension Agent, reported on the Livestock Show held January 16, 2021 noting the sale garnered approximately $53,000.00. Schaefer acknowledged that the COVID-19 restrictions did not seem to have a negative impact on the results of the show. He also briefed the Court on his various other activities.

Commissioners approved a contract between the County and Oscar Borrego, Sr. d/b/a Borrego Construction to pressure wash, prime and paint the exterior of the Van Horn Volunteer Fire Department Station located on La Caverna at a cost of $4800. The project is expected to be completed by June 4, 2021.

The Court also approved enrollment of various employees in the state-mandated cybersecurity training. The 86th Legislature passed HB 3834 requiring elected officials and local government employees with computer access to annually complete a certified cybersecurity training program.

Sheriff Oscar Carrillo presented the Court with an annual update regarding racial profiling data collected for every traffic stop. Each law enforcement agency in the State of Texas is required by law to have a policy prohibiting racial profiling. Part of this policy outlines the data that must be collected for each traffic stop in accordance with State law. The Code of Criminal Procedure then requires each law enforcement agency file an annual report with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education as well as the governing body of the local government no later than March 1st. Carrillo noted that 70% of the traffic stops were male drivers and 22% of the stops resulted in a search. Only three arrests were made as a result of a traffic stop. Culberson County did not receive any complaints of racial profiling.

The Court then approved various improvements requested by the Auditor’s Office. First, the Court approved increasing the Delcom bandwidth at the Courthouse from 20 mbps to 50 mbps to better accommodate the increased video conferencing demands. The monthly cost will increase by approximately $100. Second, the Court approved the installation of a new internet fiber line in the jail and dispatch area by Delcom. Finally, the Court approved an agreement with Firm Step Solutions to service the Courthouse “Avaya” telephone system at a cost of $535/year.

In other County business, the Court also:

Heard report from the grant administrator regarding the Food Pantry.

Authorized County Judge’s TAC emails to be forwarded to designated recipients.

Approved continuing education hours for Commissioners of Pct 2 and Pct 3.

Approved monthly reports.

Heard reports on various County Projects.

Approved monthly expenses and payroll.


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