County will consolidate Precincts for November Special Election

County commissioners held a special meeting last Thursday to order a Special Election for the state Constitutional Amendments. In one other matter for approval, County Clerk Linda McDonald briefed members on a proposal to scan deed records to be available online from Kofile. The proposal amount is over $80,000. McDonald said the clerk’s office has a fees checking account balance of about $100,000 that she asked the funds be paid from. Commissioners approved the proposal.

The Special Election was ordered in addition to the appointment of election judges and alternates and the approved a Notice of Previous Precinct of consolidation of Precinct #3-3 with Precinct #3-5 for voting in the Constitutional Amendment Election on November 2, 2021.

Reports on county projects were touched on including:

Hiring security during normal business hours as requested by JP1 Rita Carrasco for her county office.

Will investigate a locked gate on a possible county road.

New Food Pantry construction is on schedule.

The Nutrition Center clientele has increased to almost 200 and the need for another van for delivery has become inevitable.


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