$23 million Culberson County-Allamoore ISD bond passes

Voters on Saturday approved a $23 million three-part bond package for CCAISD.

The school district bonds were split into three propositions. Proposition A asked for $18 million for projects that were not addressed in the last bonds and other major projects. A few notable projects mentioned were adding playground areas and expanding the main campus building, remodeling the historic Delaware School building, demolishing the old elementary/junior high campus, and remodeling the Boardroom and Administrative Offices.

Proposition B asked for $2 million for use on the current stadium facilities. For projects like updating the lighting to meet current Dark Sky friendly requirements and other maintenance projects.

Proposition C asked for $3 million for teacher housing. There are 16 school housing units to be remodeled or replaced, with 3 of those not habitable currently.


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