Voters decide city council races

Corrales is new town Mayor.
Corrales is new town Mayor.

Some 455 voters went to the polls last Saturday to cast their ballots in the elections for city council and CCAISD bond package.

In the city council election, voters were electing the mayor for the town and two council members.

Van Horn voters elected a new mayor. Duane “Toto” Corrales took 244 of the votes over incumbent Mayor Becky Brewster who garnered 181 votes.

In the contest for the two city council seats, voters opted to re-elect incumbents Michael Garibay and Nuny Morris. Garibay received 234 votes and Morris received 226 votes.

Voter turnout was down compared to the 2019 and 2020 (which was postponed from May to November) city elections. 2019 had a turnout of 535 and 2020 saw one race with a total of 685 ballots cast.


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