Letters to the Editor- 04/11/19

Dear Editor,

Thanks, Border Patrol! I wanted to thank the two Border Patrol Agents that helped me rescue my two dogs from sure death on Highway 90. My one dog got out from our yard and the other dog followed. They both started running south on Highway 90. I crawled through two barbed wire fences to chase after them. Unfortunately, I am older and chasing them down the highway was more than I could handle. Every time I got near them, away they went. As I saw cars and trucks headed toward us, I stood in the road, waving my arms to slow the traffic and everyone did slow down, but no help was coming. So, I continued to run after them and then, thank God, a Border Patrol car arrived. I was never so happy to see them as they caught the pups and saved us. Unfortunately, I was so exhausted that I neglected to get their names but they can never know how much I appreciated their help in stopping my runaway pups. God bless you both for your help.

Penney Wilson


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