Letters to the Editor- 10/11/18

Dear Editors:

I recently saw a political cartoon by Mike Smith which has a husband stating, “I’m not voting for anyone who runs negative campaign ads.” His wife replies, “So you’re not voting?”

I am very grateful that in my precinct and across the state of Texas we have several candidates who have vowed to not run negative ads or spend time tarnishing their opponents. I volunteer for one such candidate and I am constantly impressed by the emphasis that we are to be respectful and non-confrontational towards those who are not supporters. There are many of us who are energized by this focus on what will bring citizens together rather than continue to divide us.

I reject the idea that winning requires vilifying an opponent or his/her supporters. I am not naive and I have strong views, but I am going to love and respect my neighbor. Will you join me?


Jeanne Clark

Boerne, TX

Dear Editor and Culberson County Voters;

We are facing an election for County Judge between the incumbent and a write-in opponent.

I urge all voters to carefully review both the past and present performance of both candidates.

Are they performing in a proper manner? Have they ever been discharged from a job? Are they re-hireable if being discharged? Are they of sound moral character?

This is a responsible position and we should be very careful who we elect. Early voting starts October 22 to November 02.


Ray Fitzgerald


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