Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Attached please find only a few names of concerned citizens who have signed a petition in support of Beth Gary, LVN. Beth is a nurse who we consider an upright and invaluable citizen of Van Horn, who has dedicated herself to assisting people who need medical help, encouragement, and peace of mind. She is appreciated and loved by all of us, and her selfless dedication has been an asset to this community for many years. We are not happy with her absence at the clinic. The loss of Beth at the clinic means that we no longer have someone we can openly talk to without feeling unimportant, insignificant and like we are imposing. We always knew that we could count on her rapid assistance with wound care, medical equipment and other problems that nobody else wanted to take on. Sometimes she was just a shoulder to cry on, but she was always there. There have been ridiculous, unfounded rumors spread by those who obviously do not know Beth’s heart and her compassion. We ask that something be done to bring Beth back to the Clinic so that she can continue her service to this community.

Lorena Lopez

Barbara Garcia

Kendall Navarrette

Yolanda Carmona

Margarita Mendez

Becca Mendias

Samuel Navarrette

Jesse Outlaw

Teresa Hernendez

Romelia Lujan

Betty Herrera

Cynthia Tarango

Sabina Rivera

Maria Ornelas

Veronica Borrego

Julia Vasquez

Patsy Lucas

Frances Borrego

Jesus Melendez

Sally Carrasco

Debra Borrego

Sandra Luna

Hortensia Sanchez

Butch Harris

Ismael Santiago

Duane Stone

Lilly Harris

Candelario Solis

Cody Davis

Maribel Velez

Pam Young

Belinda Mora

Yolanda Flores

Ezequiel Legarreta

Pavel Cisneros

Lori Ann Gonzalez

Linda McDonald

Gilda Morales

Manuel Molinar

Esteban Urias

Socorro Sanchez

Abelardo Molinar

Priscilla Urias

Yesenia Castillo

Maria E. Carrasco

Lyndon McDonald

Eusebia Villalobos

Faustina Flores

Jessica Bermudez

Yolanda Carmona

Raul Flores

Fran Malafronte

Apolonia Montoya

Maria Elena Gonzalez

Maricela Garcia

Bertha Urias

Gloria Valdez

Velerie M. Garcia

Maria U. Sanchez

Celia Mendosa

Esther Lujan

Ramon V. Sanchez

Israel Tarango

Mia Balcazar

Evangelina Shoemake

Marissa Mendoza

Abel Fierro

Jannine Heath

Clinton Flowers

Rosa Garcia

Larry Simpson

Antonio Vidana

Carl Marshall

Aurora Guevara

Paula Vidana

Virginia Ortega

Martha Molinar

Rebecca Watley

Joe Guitierrez

Sandra Guevara

Jacinta Velez

Selina Garcia

Steve Navarrette

Marco Guevera


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