Subcontractors’ concerns voiced

By Lisa Morton

At the regular meeting of the Culberson County-Allamoore ISD Board of Trustees last Monday, school pride was riding high with the attendance of the Lady Eagles District 1-AA Volleyball Champions and Coaches. AD Brock Tyrrell recognized the team on their accomplishments including being undefeated District Champs with 12 members receiving All-District Superlatives. Head Coach Erica Urias predicted the first District Championship in the new gym, citing hard work and setting high bars.

Board President Letty Hernandez recognized individuals who signed-up for Public Comment, beginning with Pete Flores of Specialized Steel Contractors, Inc. from El Paso. Mr. Flores stated that he was hired as a subcontractor on the new school project but has not been paid since April of this year. Flores claimed draws and repayments are due to him, adding that he has paid for all his materials and labor and has no liens against his work. Communication with the General Contractor was vague with mention of project delays even though regular Board updates from the Project Manager only reported that the project was on schedule. Mr. Flores drove from El Paso because he knew the school would be concerned that the contractor on board was not paying some subcontractors, including his company.

Public Comment continued with Erika Dominguez speaking for her father Baltazar Dominguez with Alamo General Contractors, Inc. from El Paso. Ms. Dominguez claims 14 contracts were still owed to her company as subcontractors with the new school building, even receiving back charges for delays to the project that they are uncertain about. Ms. Dominguez to this date has been lead to believe that the general contractor was going to keep monies due to her company and has advised CCAISD of these matters. Ms. Dominguez told board members that she hoped that the board will contact them about their information and that no money will be released to the general contractor until the subcontractors are paid stating that the unconditional final lien waivers have been satisfied.

Superintendent Ken Baugh asked Mackenzie Walters, Attorney with Sara Leon, at Powell and Leon, to guide the Board through several agenda items on school business. The Board acted to open and close various Public Hearings for comments regarding Comptroller Application No. 1359 of DELAWARE PROCESSING, LLC. requesting a limitation on appraised value of taxable property for school district maintenance and operations tax purposes pursuant to Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code. The Board approved a resolution designating the Delaware Processing Reinvestment Zone. Also approved relative Findings of Facts to the agreement and Agreement for Value Limitations for Appraised Comptroller Application No. 1359 of Delaware Processing, LLC.

In other school business:

  • Approved CCAISD 2019-2020 Agreement for the Purchase of Attendance Credit.
  • Applied 4,500 available votes equally to 3 named Culberson County Appraisal District Directors. Sandy Garibay abstained from the vote.
  • Approved contract with Van Horn/Pecos County Bank with $7,000,000 of protection.
  • Approved TASB Policy Update 113 and 114 as submitted.


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