Local State of Disaster declared for Culberson County

By Carlos G. Urias, Culberson County Judge & Commissioners Court

In an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19, Commissioners Court is taking every step in order to do our part. The Court has adopted Governor Abbott’s Declaration, Commissioner John W. Hellerstedt of the Department of State Health Services Declaration and the Declaration passed by Culberson County Commissioners Court. All three declarations are on Facebook, the Van Horn Advocate and our county webpage for public viewing. The spread of the coronavirus is continuous throughout the United States and has affected every state in the U.S. It is predicted that every county in Texas will have someone infected with the virus in 2 to 3 weeks. We will continue to monitor news outlets, list-serve emails by Rural & Regional County Judges, Texas Association of Counties emails, TDEM communications, etc., for future statistics, strategies and advancement of COVID-19. I’m asking that all residents of Culberson County adhere to the directives as mentioned in the following Public Notice.

Culberson County Commissioners Court met in regular session and agreed to the following:

  1. All restaurants and the nutrition center are limited to takeout or delivery ONLY. Indoor & Outdoor dining at restaurants is strictly prohibited.
  2. Bars, fitness centers, Boys/Girls Club, gyms, day-care center, and churches are closed.
  3. Gathering of 10 or more individuals is not allowed. This includes gatherings at our city/county park(s), funerals or other public locations where more than 10 gather.

From this point on, our Commissioners Court meetings will be closed to the public until further notice. Our meetings will be streamed live and the public will be able to ask questions online. The court will do their best to answer all questions asked. If a governing body closes their meetings to the public, they must be able to provide live streaming of the meeting. They must also allow the public to ask questions and have their questions answered during the meeting.

The residents of Culberson County must take COVID-19 seriously. We must continue shelter-in-place on a volunteer basis by staying at home as much as possible. Continue to also practice social distancing. All indicators are that the outbreak of COVID-19 will only worsen in the next days and weeks to follow. We must do all we can to take care of our community and community members.


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