Broadway business burglarized

Traffic stop yields possible connection

The Advocate has confirmed burglary and drug arrest information that occurred this past weekend. Last Saturday, September 5, Culberson County law enforcement officials opened an investigation for a reported break-in of a local business on Broadway Street. There were immediate concerns regarding the theft of a said Browning rifle and a handgun. Officials want the public to know individuals in possession of the forever flagged stolen weapons will face felony charges and encouraged information leading to the recovery with a cash reward offered that leads to the arrest of the burglar(s). Contact Sheriff Oscar Carrillo at 432-283-2060 if you have any information regarding this investigation.

A midnight traffic stop by a Culberson County Deputy, the next day, led to the discovery of alleged methamphetamine. A 28-year-old Van Horn male was arrested for the second time for alleged possession of meth. The arrest also disclosed evidence possibly connected to burglaries in Van Horn.

This marks the 5th meth-related drug arrest in recent weeks.


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