Sheriff, Precinct 1 races were squeakers as voters chose

Sheriff Oscar E. Carrillo narrowly held off a challenge for his office from Olivia Méndez Legarreta in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election. Carrillo’s margin of victory was only 35 votes.

The final vote tally in the contest for County Sheriff saw Carrillo get 398 (52.3%) while challenger Legarreta received 363 votes (47.7%). The race was one of the closest in a county-wide election in recent memory here.

In the race for County Commissioner Precinct 1, incumbent Cornelio “Naniz” Garibay lost his bid for re-election to challenger Javier “Harvey” Mendoza by an 8 vote margin.

Mendoza came out on top with 108 votes (51.92%) compared to incumbent Garibay’s 100 votes (48.08%).

In the race for County Tax Assessor-Collector, voters selected from a field of two candidates. The office is currently held by Amalia “Molly” Hernandez, who is retiring.

Voters elected Joe Morales to the post. Morales bested Guadalupe “Lupe” Ramirez with a vote count of 437 (58.42%) to 311 (41.58%).

The following candidates ran unopposed for re-election to their perspective offices: Steve Mitchell (County Attorney), Gilda Morales (County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3), Bruce Jackson (Constable, Precinct No. 3).

Since there were no county-level races on the Republican Party ballot, none of the candidates will face a challenge in the November General Election.

About 48.25% of Culberson County registered voters cast ballots in early voting and election day, according to preliminary data from County Clerk Linda McDonald’s office.

The 2020 primary election drew 814 out of 1687 registered voters to the polls.